Various group coaching courses will be run throughout the year and during the holidays, details of which will be posted on the notice board.

Tennis camps are held during school holidays. For further details please contact Dave Gaterell – Contact mobile 07801 422228

The club is home to Courtside Sports Tennis Academy (CSTA) run by our club coach Dave Gaterell. The juniors who meet certain criteria are invited to be a part of the Academy. Private coaching is offered throughout the year – for further details see the “coaching menu” and contact Dave.

Junior Club Night is Friday 5.00 – 7.00pm. Club Night is free to members, is supervised by the coach and will run throughout the year. They are held for those juniors who can hold a rally, serve and score.

Junior Club – night special events

Pizza Nights at Junior Club nights – to be confirmed 

(cost £2.50 per person, usual time 5pm-7pm,fun tennis and then pizza in the club house).

BBQ at Junior Club Night – to be confirmed 

(cost £2.50 per person, usual time 5pm-7pm,fun tennis and then pizza)

There will be various open tournaments running through the year, on Sundays mainly, which will take the place of the previous one big open event. Keep an eye on the notice boards for more details and contact the Coach to enter.

The Club Junior Singles Tournaments – see Tournaments section – Medals for the winners.

Please refer to the notice board for details of other local tournaments. Some of these tournaments require an LTA rating which all juniors are encouraged to obtain. Contact the Coach for more information.

Junior Club League is run throughout the year. To enter, contact the Coach.

There are currently no adult representatives for the Juniors on the Main Club Committee :- See News section.