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2020 Wimbledon Ballot

Do you want a chance to get Wimbledon tickets through the Steep club ballot?

If so you need to have met the two following requirements:

1.       Be registered with the LTA as a British Tennis Member.  Lite membership is free for Steep members.   All you have to do to register is click on the following link and enter Steep as your playing venue.


2.       Once you are registered you have to OPT-IN to be eligible for the ballot.  You have until 14th February 2020 to do so. Simply Log-in into your LTA account and click on opt in.

The club allocation of tickets depends on how many of our members have registered as a BTM and opted-in to the ballot.

While some of our members have complied following an email from the LTA last September, many have not.

So please, if you are interested follow this simple procedure and ensure we get the maximum allocation of tickets.

For more information about the Wimbledon ballot click here