Our membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. We welcome new members at any time during the year.

Subscription for new members from1st April 2021

AdultOver 18 or over 25 if student membership applies£142
Junior8 to 18£50
JuniorUnder 8£22
StudentOver 18 and under 25 in full time education£60
Family2 adults + 2 or more juniors or 2 adults +1 junior + 1 student£350

The fees are reduced as the year progresses. Please check the downloadable membership form for current fees.

Students will have to provide proof of their status from their college or university.

There is no refund of fees.

There are no additional court fees.

There is no minimal standard of play but we recommend that you consider coaching if you are a beginner or coming back to tennis after a long break so that you will enjoy your games when playing with other members.

How to apply

Prospective members should  download an application form and contact the Membership Secretary who will arrange to meet at the club for payment of the fees and an introduction.

Membership Secretary Contact

Mrs Michele Mangham
tel: 01730 260 212

Update your details

Current club members wishing to amend the address and contact information the club hold about them should download and complete a change of details form

The form should then be either returned to Michele on email or by placing in a sealed envelope in the letterbox by the clubhouse door.

The following is a summary – further details are posted on the Notice Board in the Clubhouse.

Your name will only be included in the ballot for the right to buy a pair from the club’s allocation of tickets if all of the following are true:-

  • You have signed that you wish to be included (The list will be posted at the Club for two weeks prior to the draw. The list will be taken down two days prior to the draw.) and
  • You are a fully paid member of Steep LTC, and
  • You are a British Tennis Member of the LTA, and
  • You have opted in to be elligible for tickets on the BTM section of the LTA website
  • No names can be added to the list after it has been taken down.  If you cannot attend the Ballot in person, please find a proxy and note details on the sign up sheet.

Please Note:-
An email is sent round to members each year providing full details of entry criteria and available tickets.


Polo shirts, sweat shirts and T shirts in various colours and embroidered with the Club logo are available for purchase from

Mrs Brenda Walker 01730 265970


Visitors must be accompanied by the member introducing them who must pay the appropriate visitor’s fee at the first opportunity to the Hon.Treasurer or any Committee member or by adding the outstanding fees to their annual subscription. £3-00 for adults and £2-00 for Students and Juniors. Visitors name, date etc. must be entered in the Visitors Book in the clubhouse before play commences. A visitor may play six times only during any subscription year except when playing in a tournament. Members who do not sign their guests in the Visitors Book or make payment may be liable to a fine or lose their right to membership of the Club.

Juniors may bring guests but are reminded that they have to follow the procedures outlined above.

A non playing member may play tennis at the Club as a guest on up to six occasions only during any subscription year, except when playing in a tournament. The Social member is expected to pay a visitor’s fee of £3-00 per session. The methods of payment are outlined   in the clubhouse.