Mix-in update


You may recall we sent out a short survey on mix-ins on 14th October. The results of the survey indicate that there is some interest in a day time mix-in session during the week.  


We are therefore introducing a daytime mix-in on Wednesday afternoons from 1.00 – 3.00pm.  The new Wednesday mix-in will start on 8th January, initially on courts 5&6.   We hope that this will provide an opportunity for members who can’t get to the evening sessions to play, and particularly want to encourage those of you who are hesitant about mix-in to come along and meet other members.   


The survey also indicated that a majority of members favours evening mix-ins starting at 5.30pm and on this basis we have agreed to keep the current mix-in start time of 5.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 


And finally, whether you are new to steep or a regular at mix-in, you may not be aware that there are rules for how mix-in is supposed to work, these are designed to ensure that everyone gets a fair amount of play and to create balanced fours.  To read the mix-in rules, click on the link below. The rules are also displayed in the clubhouse and on the website.