Steep LTC is fully committed to promoting behaviours and a culture that is supportive of the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. In support of this, the club has created policies for safeguarding, diversity and inclusion and health and safety, available here:



In addition to policies the club has a welfare officer on the management committee. Currently this role is jointly held by Christine Musker and Lesley Whyte. They should be contacted directly for any safeguarding or welfare matter and their contact information is available on the noticeboard at the club. Reports of safeguarding issues or concerns are confidential by their nature and we request that club members do not email to the club email account with any matters of that nature.

As part of the LTA’s ongoing drive to ensure that tennis venues are safe and inclusive environments, they have a set out minimum requirements for registered tennis venues and have programme of auditing clubs. Steep was successfully audited in November 2019 and received very positive feedback on the policies in place and approach to Safeguarding.