You are currently viewing Steep is open for Tennis! PLEASE READ FOR RULES OF PLAY

Steep is open for Tennis! PLEASE READ FOR RULES OF PLAY

Dear Members

Following our recent communication, we are very pleased to announce the partial reopening of Steep Lawn Tennis Club this Saturday, 16th May 2020.

In accordance with government advice and the LTA guidelines published on Tuesday, 12th May 2020, we are permitted to reopen our courts as long as we all adhere to the new guidelines. These have been put together for everyone’s safety and wellbeing and should be strictly followed. The full guidelines are available on the link below:—covid-19.pdf

The key rules are as follows:

  1. The courts are only open to Club Members and their guests in accordance with Club rules. Courts must be booked in advance of play. Playing without a booking is prohibited. Please do not turn up without booking so that we can manage demand and social distancing requirements. Please arrive 5 minutes after your booking starts and leave five minutes before your booking ends to avoid congestion at the court entrances.
  2. You may play singles with a Club Member, or a guest, who is not part of your household, but doubles matches can only be played by Club Members and guests where all four players are part of the same household.
  3. Social distancing must be maintained at all times and in all areas. The 2m rule applies!
  4. The club house will be open for use of the toilet facilities only, but we would encourage you to arrive fully toileted and with a plentiful supply of bottled water.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided in the toilets, clubhouse and court entrances but again, we would encourage you to bring your own.
  6. You must only use your own racket and balls. Balls should be clearly marked.
  7. When using Courts 3 and 4, please use the hand sanitizer provided prior to sweeping the courts.

We all have a responsibility to each other to apply the social distancing criteria and stay alert to avoid any unsafe practices. We hope we can make the most of this “easing of the lockdown” and we hope nobody is tempted to abuse the opportunity which will be at the expense of the many. 

Your continuing support of the Club is greatly appreciated and the management committee are working flat out to make sure the Club is ready, viable and equipped to welcome you back to enjoy some wonderful tennis!

Coaching on a one to one basis will be available from Saturday with Dave Gaterell and Joe Dixon from Monday, so please do book a session.

With best wishes


Your Committee