Club Championships - Draws

Dates of entry for the 2022 tounament will be published in the New Year

Below are the draw sheets for the 2021 Club Championship.

For the Rules of the Tournament please click here:

Champions for 2021

Mens Doubles – Owen Palmer & Liam Seager
Mens Singles – Owen Palmer
Ladies Doubles – Anila McDonald & Cathy Robinson
Ladies Singles – Anila McDonald
Mixed Doubles – Anila McDonald & Robin Shaw

Open Tournaments (Junior)

We host a variety of one day events through the spring and summer, details can be found on the  CSTA website,  by contacting our coach Dave Gaterell, or by keeping an eye on the notice boards

Roll of Honour - Past Champions

ladies Doubles 2
Mens Doubles 2a (2)
Ladies 2

Gentlemens’ Singles

2021Owen Palmer
2019Matt Clark
2018Matt Fernandez
2017Barry Carter
2016Ollie Fernandez
2015Matt Fernandez
2014Jonathan Graham
2013Matt Fernandez
2012Jonathan Graham
2011Jonathan Graham
2010Jonathan Graham
2009Dave Gaterell
2008Jonathan Graham
2007Jonathan Graham
2006Jonathan Graham
2005Jonathan Graham
2004Duncan Read
2003Jonathan Graham
2002Jonathan Graham
2001Duncan Read
2000Jonathan Graham
1999Stewart Adamson
1998Stewart Adamson
1997Neil Campbell
1996Mervyn Hollidge-Goode
1995Stewart Adamson
1994Stewart Adamson
1993Rod Haak
1992Brian Fidler
1991Alastair Mackeown
1990Alastair Mackeown
1989Alaistair Mckeown
1988Ben Russ
1987Alan Genzel
1986Alan Genzel
1985Alan Genzel
1984Phil Gunter
1983Phil Gunter
1982Ben Russ
1981Ben Russ
1980Ben Russ

Ladies Singles

2021Anila McDonald
2019Cathy Robinson
2018Cath Lowe
2017Jeannie Crook
2016Jane Martin
2015Jeannie Crook
2014Natasha Harris
2013Cathy Robinson
2012Cathy Robinson
2011Cathy Robinson
2010Maria Nash
2009Charlotte Beard
2008Charlotte Beard
2007Cathy Robinson
2006Charlotte Beard
2005Cathy Robinson
2004Cathy Robinson
2003Jan Godwin
2002Cathy Phillipps
2001Jane Hatter
2000Vanessa North
1999Vanessa North
1998Vanessa North
1997Vanessa North
1996Vanessa North
1995Vanessa North
1994Ann Saunders
1993Ann Saunders
1992Penny Campbell
1991Ann Saunders
1990Diana Man
1989Ann Saunders
1988Claire Carmen
1987* Forgotten result
1986* Forgotten result
1985Forgotten result
1984Heather Caird
1983Heather Caird
1982Heather Caird
1981Liz Williams
1980Beryl Risley

Gentlemens’ Doubles

2021Owen PalmerLiam Seager
2019Matt ThompsonChris Bardoe
2018Barry CarterPhilippe Mougin
2017Barry CarterPhilippe Mougin
2016Result no availableResult no available
2015Chris BardoeMatt Thompson
2014Jonathan GrahamMatt Thompson
2013Martin SharpRobin Shaw
2012Martin SharpRobin Shaw
2011Tim CoelDuncan Read
2010Martin SharpRobin Shaw
2009Martin SharpRobin Shaw
2008Peter CorbettDuncan Read
2007Chris MoorTim Coel
2006Chris MoorTim Coel
2005Peter CorbettDuncan Read
2004Peter CorbettDuncan Read
2003Robin ShawBen Russ
2002Robin ShawBen Russ
2001Peter CorbettDuncan Read
2000Peter CorbettDuncan Read
1999Stewart AdamsonDuncan Read
1998Duncan ReadStewart Adamson
1997Duncan ReadStewart Adamson
1996Mervyn Hollidge-GoodeGraham Swan
1995* Forgotten result* Forgotten result
1994Stewart AdamsonBrian Fidler
1993Alastair MackeownStewart Adamson
1992Ben RussBrian Fidler
1991Alastair MackeownNeil Stride
1990Alastair MackeownStewart Adamson
1989John BevanMervyn Hollidge-Goode
1988Alan GenzelBen Russ
1987Alan GenzelBen Russ
1986* Forgotten result* Forgotten result
1985Phil GunterDavid Marlow
1984Alan GenzelBen Russ
1983Alan GenzelBen Russ
1982Alan GenzelPhil Gunter
1981Tony CooperGraham Swan
1980Alan GenzelBen Russ

Ladies Doubles

2021Cathy RobinsonAnila McDonald
2019Cathy RobinsonAnila McDonald
2018Christine LallyCarol Norris
2017Jeannie CrookAnn Saunders
2016Jeannie CrookAnn Saunders
2015Jeannie CrookAnn Saunders
2014Jeannie CrookAnn Saunders
2013Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2012Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2011Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2010Denise HaritonSharon Russ
2009Alison BeardCharlotte Beard
2008Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2007Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2006Ann SaundersDonna Coe
2005Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2004Ann SaundersCathy Robinson
2003Ann SaundersPenny Campbell
2002Cathy PhillippsRolanda Purcell
2001Jane HatterRolanda Purcell
2000Jenny MurphyVanessa North
1999Jenny MurphyVanessa North
1998Vanessa NorthJenny Murphy
1997Vanessa NorthJenny Norman
1996No CompetitionNo Competition
1995* Forgotten Result* Forgotten Result
1994Penny CampbellSusie Willings
1993Pauline GroveShirley McQuitty
1992Sue HoltDebbie Adamson
1991Beth StevensonJane Hatter
1990Beth StevensonBeryl Risley
1989Beth StevensonBeryl Risley
1988Janice HarwoodAnn Saunders
1987Janice HarwoodAnn Saunders
1986* Forgotten Result* Forgotten Result
1985Beth StevensonBeryl Risley
1984Heather CairdJanice Harwood
1983Heather CairdAnna Edmunds
1982Mary HeraudSybil Warington
1981Mary HeraudPam Jarvis
1980Beth StevensonBeryl Risley

Mixed Doubles

2021Robin ShawAnila McDonald
2019Jon GrahamNatasha Harris
2018Jon GrahamNatasha Harris
2017Barry CarterLucy Fatkin
2016Barry CarterLucy Fatkin
2015Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2014Rob ReynoldsAnna Reynolds
2013Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2012Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2011Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2010Martin SharpCathy Robinson
2009Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2008Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2007Jonathan GrahamCharlotte Beard
2006Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2005Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2004Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2003Duncan ReadAnn Saunders
2002Jonathan GrahamIsobel Moor
2001Neil CampbellPenny Campbell
2000Jonathan GrahamVanessa North
1999Stewart AdamsonVanessa North
1998Duncan ReadJenny Murphy
1997Duncan ReadJenny Norman
1996Ben RussVanessa North
1995Ben RussVanessa North
1994Peter BrambleyPenny Campbell
1993Stewart AdamsonSue Holt
1992Stewart AdamsonSue Holt
1991Simon AckworthJanice Harwood
1990Ramzi NasrKirsty Blower

Mixed Doubles (Handicap)

2021No Competition
2019No Competition
2018No Competition
2017No Competition
2016No Competition
2015James MatesEmily Mates
2014No Competition
2013No Competition
2012No Competition
2011Ben RussSharon Russ
2010No Competition
2009Richard FreedmanCaroline Freedman